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SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd, a leading non-state-owned PRC-based shipping logistics company, is in high speed development. It offers a best platform in which individual and corporate can grow together.
SITC Welcome You
As an integrated shipping logistics company, SITC has the perfect advantages combination of maritime and land transportation, whose business expand to the whole of Asia in just 20 years. SITC branches covered China’s major ports cities and Asian regions, which supply different functional posts and meet the needs of different majors and career development. People with the desire to advance and succeed, are warmly welcomed to join us.
SITC’s core of value is “Our staff are the most valuable of SITC”. SITC’s value, “People oriented”, makes sure that SITC employee’s development and value have greater attention.
Whether fresh graduates and the experienced professionals, SITC can inspire their potential. All kinds of new opportunities emerged with SITC rapidly development, you need to keep learning and grasp the opportunity.
Our employees are very young and annually new employees would be recruited continuously. Their arrival brings SITC energy and work here not only is full of challenge and pressure, but also lots of fun. In shipping logistics industry with bright future, you will work together with active, optimistic and enthusiastic people, realize your ideas and build your business.
For more intuitively understanding SITC, you will see about all aspects of corporate introduction, both video and pictures.
In the past time, SITC people made great achievement with spirit of unity and devotion and excellent work. We are always pride of outstanding staff. May you join in SITC and grow together with SITC.
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